Hi!  It’s Xavier Zuniga, your intrepid and overly generous Warehouse Manager.  Sorry it has been awhile, but I do also have to actually work around here, but I am back with yet more tales from the testing center.  I thought it was time to test drive English Premium Gold since it has a loyal and dedicated following, a small group thus far, but growing.  I wanted to find out what was driving the popularity.

I know that in my previous posting I went about being very versatile with my testing, going from top to bottom, but I am only coming at this from the top perspective tonight because, well, that is where I most often end up due to circumstances beyond my control.  LOL!  But I can easily imagine that effect from the bottom test perspective would have been even more awe-inspiring.

Yeah, I think I pretty much tipped my hand there.  My experience of English Premium Gold was truly mind blowing.  I needed just one application to cause that slightly stubborn stain to release into so many splattered fragments that we had another, although significantly easier, cleaning job on our hands.  Now to be fair, my volunteer had really be working hard at it for a considerable time before the lift off of that stain but the English Premium Gold certainly made it inevitable that no matter how long that stain wanted to hold out it wasn’t going to be able to.

Now I’m thinking, based on experience, that if English Premium Gold had such a fantastic effect for the scrubber it will have a totally awesome effect on the scrubed one.  I may have to update this post after such time as I manage to find a new volunteer to work with from the opposite of the sponge.  I know one who pretty reliably is ready and willing to get to the business in the testing center.  And boy oh boy, does he have one hell of a scrub brush!

I think that English Premium Gold is one of those cleaners that is probably best used by those with some experience under their belts.  English Premium Gold is for serious deep cleaning and it might overpower a newer user.  But, that said, I would never discourage anyone from trying out a step above the ordinary which English Premium Gold certainly is.

Stay tuned to the XZ channel as more reviews are coming up, including an update on English Premium Gold from the perspective of the other side of the coin, tails in this case!  And of course I’ll be cracking open new vintages to test over time so there is always something new to look forward to here at Poppers4U!