Hi!  It’s Xavier Zuniga and I’m back once again with tales from the Testing Center.  I’ve had three different volunteers help me out in as many days which just goes to prove that I am a dedicated team member constantly looking for new ways to keep our customers well informed.  Neal has a few other words for describing my dedication but I prefer to see things through my own lens.

After spending a good amount of time with the Double Scorpio family, a process that isn’t complete just yet, I decided to head back over to the Jungle Juice aisle to see how the rest of the family compares to one of my favorites, Jungle Juice MAX.  I started with Jungle Juice Black Label and then continued on with Jungle Juice Gold Label EXTREME FORMULA.

Jungle Juice Gold Label EXTREME FORMULA is, in a word, awesome.  The effect was rapid and plateaued at a nice level without being quite as overwhelming as Jungle Juice Black Label.  For my personal taste, and remember that everyone has their own favorite effect which is why we sell so many brands, Jungle Juice Gold Label EXTREME FORMULA perfectly hits the spot.

Clearly, I was well motivated to get some serious cleaning done and Jungle Juice Gold Label EXTREME FORMULA really came in handy in the clinch, right at the end when I was struggling to get out the very last of a tough stain.  Jungle Juice Gold Label EXTREME FORMULA cleared that stubborn obstacle right out of the way and, whew, success.  I confess that I did need a few minutes to compose myself but it wasn’t practically passed out as I had been with Jungle Juice Black Label.

I definitely rate Jungle Juice Gold Label EXTREME FORMULA at the high end in regards to my personal satisfaction and I will be back for more.  I think Jungle Juice Gold Label EXTREME FORMULA is a fine choice for more experienced users and for brave newcomers who want to experience straight out one of the strongest brands we sell.  If you like a milder ride then Jungle Juice Gold Label EXTREME FORMULA is probably not the one for you.  It is all a matter of personal preference and there is a choice among all of our brands that is the perfect fit for you.

Stay tuned to us here at Poppers4U for the latest “popping” news, product descriptions and reviews.  I intend to hit the testing center again soon to continue my work with Double Scorpio and Jungle Juice product lines. I thank you for following my adventures in the testing center and beyond!