Hi!  It’s Xavier Zuniga and as I promised I’ve been busy testing products to better help you make an informed choice.  In fact, I have tested three products in as many days!  No wonder Neal calls me “generous.”  I’ll take that!

After spending a good amount of time with the Double Scorpio family, a process that isn’t complete just yet, I decided to head back over to the Jungle Juice aisle to see how the rest of the family compares to one of my favorites, Jungle Juice MAX.  I started with Jungle Juice Black Label and to put it mildly I was blown over.

My experience of Jungle Juice Black Label is essentially beyond words but I will try.  From the first hit, I knew this was some serious juice.  In fact, I think I sort of “blacked out” right at first but very quickly I was aware of a pounding heart as my pulse went up and being overcome with the desire to clean, and I mean CLEAN, everything in sight.  I managed one more hit and as suddenly as it began, my cleaning task was over which led to yet another mess to clean up.  Thankfully, I have a lot of cleaner on stand-by!

To be clear, Jungle Juice Black Label is some serious stuff.  I am most decidedly NOT a novice when it comes to cleaners and even I was almost overwhelmed.  In fact, I had a hard time walking after my exposure.  Seriously, I had to lie down for an hour afterward in order to feel remotely “normal” again.  If you chose Jungle Juice Black Label, proceed with caution.

Here at Poppers4U we get a lot of inquiries about what is the “strongest” cleaner and at least for now I know the answer is Jungle Juice Black Label.  That said, the “strongest” may always be what you need but if you are sure it’s what you want we are happy to oblige you.

Stay tuned to us here at Poppers4U for the latest “popping” news, product descriptions and reviews.  I intend to hit the testing center again soon to continue my work with Double Scorpio and Jungle Juice product lines. I thank you for following my adventures in the testing center and beyond!